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MURPHY’S LAW: Ferentz vs Reporter Perspective, Pressure on ISU

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I had the kind of day Wednesday–unrelated to sports– that put Tuesday in perspective.

Yes, Kirk Ferentz could have handled himself better, and perhaps Luke Meredith could have asked a question more directly, and maybe Chris Hassel should have announced, “I’m turning my camera back on”, but it all seems like a tempest in a teapot.

The important story, even after my lousy day, is the Peter Gray scandal. Who knew what when? Why was Gray re-hired after previous complaints? Would this story have come to light if the Iowa City Press Citizen hadn’t been doing such a good job of public watchdog? Was Gray allowed to resign instead of being fired to avoid red flags the media may have noticed? When will Iowa learn transparency is also in the university’s best interest?

I could come up with a dozen questions, all of which are more important in the big picture than the magnitude of attention deserved when a prominent coach drops an F-bomb and berates a reporter.


I know Royce White wants to control his own message, but right now his message is hurting his career. Someone who cares about Royce needs to urge him to stop tweeting, and find a way to get back to work. It’s not all on the Rockets.

I know of no one not rooting for White. He’s inspired many.

It might not be fair, but White has many people counting on him succeeding. His family, his teammates, the Rockets, Fred Hoiberg, others with anxiety issues… to name a few.

It’s good to have Dan Winters slide right into John Bachman’s chair. It feels right. Though I do miss John’s hair.

No college football player has a better nickname than Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Football.

I think Iowa State faces more pressure to win Saturday than any Cyclone football game in the Paul Rhoads era.

I have not watched one minute of any Twilight movie, nor read one word of a book. What have I missed?