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SEEKING SOLUTIONS: Ames Flooding Meetings

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The city of Ames is holding meetings to talk about options regarding flood mitigation.

The city is developing near the confluence of Squaw Creek with Skunk River. Some options include requiring new development to be raised above flood plain levels.That has already been done as new businesses are building on South Duff.

John Dunn manages the city’s Water System and is leading the flood mitigation effort. He says this could involve major projects, or a series of smaller ones.

“Moving up into the river valley and doing mitigation upstream of Ames or doing improvements in town to provide physical protection,” said Dunn.

The Ames City Council will take residents suggestions before deciding how best to attack the flooding problem.

One meeting was held earlier Wednesday and the other is from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Quality Inn & Suites, 2601 E. 13th Street in Ames.