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KADYN’S LAW: Drivers Still Aren’t Stopping


Despite a new, tougher law drivers are still failing to yield to stopped school buses.

Kadyn’s Law was implemented on July 1st of this year. It’s named for 7-year-old Kadyn Halverson who was struck and killed when a driver didn’t stop for her Northwood School bus.

The law is supposed to enforce stricter penalties for violators.

Records show 174 drivers have been convicted on Kadyn’s Law so far; however, few have faced the law’s mandatory penalties which start at a minimum $250 fine.

To date, one driver has been let off with just community service and others have only paid the court costs of $60.

The highest fine assessed was $500.

While most of the fines are lower than they should be, all but one of those convicted have been issued a 30 day license suspension notice.

School superintendents are frustrated. “There’s nothing more angering, at least from my standpoint, and the bus driver’s standpoint, than these people driving by a school bus with a stop arm out.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious.  It’s a big yellow school bus.  There are flashing lights, and there’s a stop sign.  The law’s pretty clear:  you have to stop.” Tony Voss Superintendent of the Hudson School District said.


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