AGRIBUSINESS: Farmers Facing Choice Of Which Crop To Plant

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The relative value of corn and soybeans results in farmers making a choice as to which crop to plant in the coming year.   

Right now, soybeans are losing value, relative to corn and that is causing concern to soybean association leaders who want to maintain a balance between the crops and a revenue stream for their work in market development and domestic programs.  Although the value of both crops is sharply higher farmers compare one to the other.  The soybean interests would like a 50-50 rotation but corn normally has about a 20% advantage."

The grower organizations are also worried about the lack of direction from government due to the lapse of the farm bill.

According to Steve Wellman, President of the American Soybean Association: 

"There's demand across the board for all these commodities and so soybeans will have to fight for acres.  Growers would like to have direction from government through a long term farm bill.   One of the priorities for the American Soybean Association is to have farm policy that does not influence planting decisions."