COMMUNITY RALLY: Lake City Helps Family In Need

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The community of Lake City is coming together to grieve the loss of four members of their community.

A visitation is being held Friday for 22-year-old Tyra Pierson, her 10-month-old son Xavier and Tyra's two younger siblings, Madison and Wyatt.

The four will be laid to rest Saturday morning at 10:30.

In the wake of the tragedy, the community is reaching out to help.

“I've lived in Lake City over 40 years and in all the time I’ve lived here it's the worst tragedy in all the time that I’ve been here,” says Gus Macke of Macke Motors.

The news hit the tight-knit community hard, and people wanted to help.

“How wonderful the support has been, in our town, in our county, in our community,” says Macke.

Not all of the members of the Pierson family were home when the fire happened.

Those that are left have lost everything, so Macke Motors arranged for them to live in a home rent-free.

"The support has been overwhelming, there is an army of people, there is an absolute army of people helping donating every material thing you could think of, food, clothes, furniture, everything,” says Macke.

Many businesses around Lake City are also stepping up to pitch in.

At Calhoun County Variety Store they've set out a donation jar, but the owners say that's just what you do when a fellow neighbor is in need.

“There has been many things brought up or done in many scale, yet people come out, it's fantastic, there is a tremendous close-knitness in this town, there just is,” says Ken Hying of the Calhoun County Variety.

Hying says although the next days, weeks and months will be hard, he's hoping it will be a little easier for the family knowing the material things have been taken care of.

“This is like family, we are family,” says Hying.

If you would like to make a donation to help out the family you can direct it to the Pierson family through the United Bank of Iowa at 201 North Center Street, Lake City, IA 51449. The bank’s phone number is 712-464-3181