MURPHY’S LAW: Unsealing the Bachman Files

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John Bachman worked his final day Friday. He didn’t anchor this week. Just came on set and discussed some of the most memorable moments of his 25 years at channel 13. And when you’ve interviewed six United States presidents, there’s much to discuss.

John did want to show that you can teach an old dog, who looks young, new tricks. So after catching a hard time on the news one night for not knowing what Mario Brothers is, John recently learned to play. John’s wife, Barb, even provided a picture as proof.

John always wore the nicest suits. He was a sharp dressed man. For years, there’s been rumor of a picture proving John once anchored with no pants. No one was certain if this was urban legend, or game-changer. Since John turned in his key card, here, for the first time, is broadcast television’s bigfoot picture.

Okay, so he was wearing shorts. He still technically was not wearing pants. And that’s a shocker.

Many people still ask what John did to make Erin have this look on her face.

I want to tell you, but that’s for Erin’s blog.

John joked it was a LONG goodbye. But he earned it. Good anchor, better man. I just hope Cubbie can take it. Man and bear became very close. I’m surprised Erin is between John and Cubbie in this photo.

Sometimes you worry a guy isn’t ready to retire. Not John. He nearly moonwalked off the set. He’s ready. Godspeed, my friend.