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CASINO PLAN: Ankeny Nixes Agreement

Ankeny City Council has backed off on an agreement for a new casino.  But the deal isn’t dead yet.  There was a capacity crowd at Ankeny City Council Monday night as residents complained about an agreement the city made with Wild Rose Entertainment.  The so called, "Memorandum of Understanding" calls for both parties to agree to work with each other exclusively to obtain a gaming license. But residents spoke out against the agreement, and the casino.

"This hurts families." resident Debbie Haddon said, "It hurts individuals.  They lose money and their community loses and they don't gain."

Ankeny resident Kurt Bogseth agred.  "I would encourage you to not let this happen." he told council members,  "Do everything in your power to say no. Let them go somewhere else. If there's really a cry for a casino in another community let them go there."

Council members unanimously agreed to back out of the agreement. But a spokesman for Wild Rose Entertainment says the company will still move forward with it’s plans for the 150-million dollar facility in Ankeny.


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