APE TRUST: Savage-Rumbaugh Reinstated

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The Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary, better known as the Great Ape Trust, has reinstated one of its scientists after allegations of mistreatment of the sanctuary’s bonobos.

Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh has been reinstated as Resident Scientist but has stepped down from the role of executive director.

An investigation into the allegations was begun in September after 12 former employees expressed concern about the safety and welfare of the bonobos to the board of directors. Savage-Rumbaugh was placed on administrative leave at that time.

The internal investigation, which was focused on January through October of 2012, found the allegations unsubstantiated and said only two of the twelve accusers worked under Dr. Savage-Rumbaugh.

The board has voted veterinarian Dr. Julie Gilmore in as the new executive director.

The IPLS is working toward the goal of opening up to the public. According to the group, it has passed a USDA inspection and met the requirements to receive its USDA Class C exhibitor’s license. Details on when the sanctuary will open will be made available after the license is issued.