FINAL DECISION: Hubbell To Be Restriped

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After several months, and many city council meetings, the issue of restriping Hubbell Avenue has come to an end. For a one year trial basis Hubbell’s four lanes will be restriped to three.

The Des Moines city council passed the measure by a narrow vote at their Monday meeting.

The design is meant to help ease traffic on the East side of town.  Reports say it will calm traffic and cut down on collisions along the busy corridor, but leaders say if the results aren’t convincing, they’ll go back to the old system.    

“If we go through that pilot period and the reaction is still that they don`t want it, then we`ve done everything we possibly could as a city, however, we`ve done the three lanes in other parts of the city and they`ve been well-received,” Council member Christine Hensley said.

A similar traffic pattern was given a trial run on Ingersoll Avenue. It is now the permanent traffic pattern on the street.