MURPHY’S LAW: Big 14, Sam Shoots Straight, Going Griswold

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No Alex Smith vs No Jay Cutler. Advantage 49ers. Jason Campbell is no Colin Kaepernick.

Just when you thought the conference realignment nightmare had been put to bed, the Big Ten will soon be the big 14. Few Big Ten fans are excited about Maryland and Rutgers, and Maryland fans, in particular, aren’t thrilled to leave the ACC after 59 years.

Maryland needs the money. The Big Ten needs potential television viewers and a better shot at east coast recruits. Done.

If there’s one skill a quarterback needs in 2012, above all others, it’s accuracy. Iowa State’s Sam Richardson had it against Kansas. Steele Jantz had his moments in other games, so did Jared Barnett, but neither ever looked as accurate as Richardson. But, it was Kansas. We still need to see what Richardson does with someone in his facemask.

West Virginia is the most dangerous team in college football history that’s riding a five game losing streak. Just ask Oklahoma. Iowa State, you’ve been warned.

I don’t care how much betterĀ  Iowa’s James Vandenberg looks in practice than Jake Rudock, or what Vandenberg did last season, I can’t figure any good reason Rudock hasn’t taken even one snap. It makes no sense.

I never thought we’d see Nebraska come to Kinnick Stadium for a game with no buzz. At least not in Iowa.

Are Sports Illustrated subscribers in K-State country canceling subscriptions this week?

My mother just arrived for Thanksgiving. That’s a good start to a “things I’m thankful for” list.

We have Christmas lights on the house for the first time in years. Okay, ever. If you think I didn’t hang them, you’re right, and thank you for paying attention.