TURKEY ART: Sculpture Getting Second Looks

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This Thanksgiving at least one turkey will not be on the menu.

“The idea came about we needed a new sign for our front yard…and I thought what would be better to have a big turkey in our front yard,” says Gretta Irwin with the Iowa Turkey Federation.

So the ITF commissioned a 380 pound stainless steel bird to mark its location on East Lincolnway in Ames.

The federation’s office has many smaller turkey works of art, but this is by far the biggest — and so far the only stainless steel turkey.

Executive director, Gretta Irwin says this work of art is already getting noticed. “

“Even Roadside America, a national publication, has listed this as something to come and see…to just people stopping by and having their pictures taken with the turkey. So we’ve had a lot of fun and a great response from having the turkey here,” says Irwin.

Larry Pearson of Radcliffe made the stainless steel turkey. He used 154 square feet of flat steel to make the sculpture.