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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Workout 3 For Team 13

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Hello workout warriors!  We hope the challenge is going well for you so far.  We've completely fallen off the nutrition wagon thanks to Thanksgiving, but we're trying to get back on track.  Remember - a food diary is your best friend.  It really will keep you accountable and help you make better choices.

This week trainer Irene McCormick introduces two new fitness tools - trampolines and stability balls.  As always, she has us doing intervals... three minutes of cardio on the trampoline, then three minutes on the ball...six cycles total.  If you don't have a trampoline - don't worry.  Any kind of cardio that leaves you winded will work for this session.  You can get a stability ball ANYWHERE... Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Scheels ... and they're pretty cheap.

Here we go!

Team 13 Workout #3

Equipment Needed: Stability Ball and Trampoline (optional)


Exercise #1:              Stability Ball Military Press

  1. Get in tuck position on stability ball with shins on the ball, butt on your heels, and hands on the floor several inches in front of shoulders.

  2. Flex elbows and lower head toward the floor between your hands. Press up and repeat. Keep your butt close to your heels.

Exercise #2:              Stability Ball Chop and Twist

  1. Stand in a squat stance and hold the ball overhead. Squat and quickly bring ball between knees, keeping arms straight (as if you were lowering an ax to chop a piece of wood).

  2. Quickly rise up; repeat for 30 seconds.

  3. Then hug stability ball tightly and quickly rotate to the right and left, keeping lower body still [shown]. Repeat for 30 seconds on both the right and left.


Exercise #3:              Lateral Lunges with Roll

  1. Stand in a lunge stance with feet wide and knees flexed with the ball on the floor in front of the body.

  2. Moving side to side, maintain a low profile while rolling the ball on the floor in front of the body.


Exercise #4:              Lateral Crunches on the Ball

1. Lie sideways on the stability ball. Use the edge of your shoe to press your foot into the  floor. Be sure to get “on top” of the ball, by checking to see that your belly button is on top as you are sideways on the ball. This is very challenging for many people so practice and stick with it.

2. Place one hand onto the ball and the other on the side of your head.

3. Perform lateral crunches for 25 on the ball. Be sure to keep your neck in line with your spine (try not to move it side to side as you perform the crunches)


Exercise #5:              Hamstring Curl with Bridge

  1. Lie on your back with your arms by your sides or in a “T” with the palms face up. Place the ball under the balls of your feet, knees flexed.

  2. Keep your feet on the ball and lift your hips up.

  3. Hold your hips up and extend your knees, then pull them back in and lower your hips back down to the floor.

  4. Perform 25 repetitions.


Exercise #6:              Lateral Abduction with Knee Flexion           

  1. Place the ball between your ankles/calves as you lie on your side with your arm extended and your head resting on your biceps.

  2. Maintain control over the ball as you lift it up and lower it down while staying on your side. Don’t roll backwards.

  3. After you perform 25 repetitions, roll over onto your back and flex and extend your knees for 25 repetitions while holding the ball between your ankles/calves.

  4. Roll over onto your other side and repeat the lateral raise for 25 more repetitions and then one more set of knee flexion and extension while lying on your back.

  5. It is a total of 100 repetitions.

Challenge Move:        Stability Ball Balance

  1. Place the ball on top of your feet and lean your shins into the ball.

  2. Slowly, roll forward and try to raise your feet off the floor.

  3. Hold your body on top of the ball as long as you safely can.