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BUSY BEAVERS: Rodents Taking Down Campus Trees

Posted on: 1:00 pm, November 21, 2012, by


Some of Mother Nature’s creatures are leaving landscape crews at the University of Iowa with a headache.

For the last week crews have had to remove fallen trees from a walking path. The path cuts across part of the campus near the Iowa River.

The culprit — beavers.

The animals are the second largest rodent in the world.

A University of Iowa arborist says the beavers are attacking a native ash tree in the area.  

“We started to get some calls and emails so we now have the other crew coming by every morning to pull branches off the sidewalk and make sure there are no trees that are ready to fall on a passer-bye’s head,” says Andy Dahl, with the University of Iowa.

Experts say this is the time of year that beavers are out gathering food ahead of winter. That means this is all normal activity and it should slow down soon.

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