MAIN BREAK: Residents Homeless For The Holiday

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An unfortunate accident has left 80 Des Moines families homeless for the holiday. A water main flooded the basement of their apartment building forcing them to spend Thanksgiving in a motel. 

It happened on Tuesday at the Elliott Apartments on Fourth Street. Water from the broken main rose to about 10-feet in the basement of the building, bringing with it, tons of mud.   And clean up could take days.
"With that water main break, coming through the wall over here to our right, carrying a lot of mud and stuff from the outside, filled this basement up basically to ceiling height." said Chad Kirschbaum, a manager with Servpro, "There were a few apartments down here where the tenants lost everything.  You can see the debris, in the process of trying to clean that up.  It's gonna be about a week long process before we're going to be able to get that accomplished."

Residents are staying at local motels and we’re told they will be brought a Thanksgiving dinner.