MORNING BUZZ: Haters and B&B

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Good morning.

I really am going to make this short.  I was out late last night.  More on that in a second.  


First to the story of Jack Taylor, the Grinnell College Sophomore who put up 138 points last night in a game against Faith Baptist Bible College.  He broke the old NCAA scoring record by 25 points!  It was more than 50 years old!  Taylor took 108 shots and made 52 of them.  He took 71 three pointers!  He told us this morning that at halftime his coach said he had 58 points and his teammates decided they’d keep feeding the ball as long as he’d keep shooting it.  

Of Course the Haters pounced on Social Media this morning.  Stuart Scott of ESPN Tweeted, 

 “Not a big fan of Jack Taylor’s 138-pts in Grinnell win. He took 108-shots including 71-3’s…Just say that out loud. Now say “team”!”

How do you say that before you know what happened?

I have an idea.  Go stand in a gym and try to take 108 shots.  make 70 of them from behind the three-point line.  Do it with no one in your face, without running back and forth on defense, and without other people taking ANY shots for 60 minutes.  See if you can hit anywhere near as many buckets as Taylor did.  I bet all the money in my bank account you cant do it.  This is an accomplishment.  There’s no need to diminish it by calling this kid selfish.  His team kept passing HIM the ball.  They collectively helped him to the record and he credited his team and his coaches FIRST this morning.  The team decided they wanted Taylor to go for this record and they put aside their own scoring chances to help him do it…that’s the definition of team.     

Out Late(B&B)

I made it through the show with the help of a lot of caffeine.  We were out late seeing Beauty and the Beast last night at the Civic Center.  Great show and worth the lost sleep.  The female lead that played Belle was phenomenal.  She is the best voice I’ve heard in a show at the Civic Center.  One of the best I’ve ever heard in a Broadway show.  The rest of the cast was also solid but the staging of the show was, at times, silly.  I think this was deliberate as there were a lot of kids in the audience…but be prepared if you are going later in the week.  I thought some of it was over the top and distracting to a story that already has some really good comic relief in it.  Still, well worth it to go take a break from a crowded house or to get the kids out for a special treat.  

I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving.