PROBATION HEARING: Brandon Singleton Case

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A former Des Moines police officer will be back in court next week after investigators say he cut off his monitoring bracelet on Friday.

Brandon Singleton is accused of violating his probation on drug and weapons charges.

A fugitive task force found him hiding inside the clothes dryer in the basement of a Des Moines home, Monday.  Police went in with guns drawn fearing Singleton could be armed and dangerous. 

Michael Dickey, who lives at the house, was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.  

“I threw the guy out of my house because I found out he was a felon and he come back in the basement door with a couple of my roommates and was down here and they came with guns blazin’ and busted out windows and found him in the dryer and I don’t know much after that because I was outside handcuffed,” says Dickey.

Brandon Singleton was charged with interference with official acts, in addition to the original probation violation.

Next Tuesday, a judge will decide whether to revoke Singleton’s probation.  If that happens he could face more than 16-years in prison.