MURPHY’S LAW: Thanksgiving Feast, Season Finale’s, Black Friday

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By: John Sears

I had two Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday.  I’m stuffed, but actually ready to eat some more.  I love Thanksgiving, a holiday where you can relax, eat, give thanks, sleep, eat, rest, and eat some more. 

Apple Crisp = Underrated
Pumpkin Pie = Overrated

Iowa and Iowa State finish their football season’s on Friday.  The Cyclones are going to a bowl game, Iowa is not.  I think this season has underwhelmed Iowans.  Hawkeyes have been a complete disappointment while ISU has been good, but not great.  And before Cyclone fans jump all over me, the ISU players will tell you the same thing, they think they underachieved.  I think a 7th win over West Virginia would help ISU’s bowl prospects, anything but a return trip to New York. 

I think ISU beats West Virginia, no reason why, just a gut feeling. Sam the man keeps the starting job.  I think Iowa gets rolled by Nebraska.  I’d love to see the Hawks upset the Huskers and then Michigan beat Ohio State to keep Nebbie out of the B1G title game, but that ain’t happening. 

The UNI men’s basketball team just lost to 2nd ranked Louisville by 5.  Great comeback falls short.  I think the Panthers make the dance this year, and very well could be the Top team in the state of Iowa.  Their style of play will give everyone fits. 

Black Friday has tons of great deals, but I can’t justify standing in the freezing cold to MAYBE get a good price on a TV, I just can’t.  I’m not built that way.  Some people love shopping on Black Friday, which is fine, not me.  Look at this picture—>, who wants to wait in this?