VETERAN THANKSGIVING: Post 12105 Hopes To Serve 200

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Herb Bundy turned 80, this year, and he knows his way around a Thanksgiving feast.


"Well, I’m not prejudiced but I like dark meat!" laughs the Air Force veteran.


There’s plenty for him and the other veterans at VFW Post 12105.


“Pumpkin pie and whipped cream," says Bundy, "I’ve got to have that every Thanksgiving.”


Everyone loves pie, and the chance for a little holiday fellowship.


“I’d be just sitting around watching TV," admits Army veteran, Kevin Williams. "I'd be eating whatever I could cook myself.”


The veterans get served…and recognized.


“They thank us for serving our country and we really appreciate that,” says Erica Nichols, another veteran of the United States Army.


It is called THANKSgiving, after all...


“We did about 80 people, last year," recalls post commander, Tommy Tyler. "We’re going to double that, this year, we should.”


It’s a family atmosphere, minus the family drama…


“There’s no arguing going on at the table," Nichols laughs, "there’s no resentment or anything like that, yeah, it’s good.”


Yet another thing to be thankful for.


“It’s delicious! The meal is delicious,” Bundy smiles.