BLACK FRIDAY: Metro Shopping Madness

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Shoppers looking for the best deals had plenty of time to make their rounds overnight.

Stores opened earlier than ever to get people in their doors, before Black Friday even officially started.

Jordan Creek Town Center was a popular place to kick off shopping, with a long line of shoppers waiting to get in before midnight.

By then, many had already made one or two stops on their shopping marathon.

The rush is on for retailers to get in the black this shopping season and  for shoppers to find the best bargains.

"Right now from what they're saying the regular price is to what I'm actually going to spend is going to be about $300 that I'm going to save on two gifts,” says Jodi Bender.

Jodi was the first in line at the Kohl’s in West Des Moines. She got there around 9:30 Thanksgiving night after making another shopping stop.

She says the savings will make the holidays a little sweeter for her family.

"We have 9 kids, so $300 savings is huge,” says Bender.

Lori Wallace says she's also looking to save big bucks.

"We're just waiting in line for computers and TV’s,” says Wallace.

She got to Best Buy early to save a couple hundred dollars on a TV. She wasn't alone -- the line stretched well beyond the store about an hour before the midnight opening.

The line at Jordan Creek Town Center went around the lake as people waited for the midnight countdown to Christmas spending.

"I got here at 3:00 with my brother. We're here to do some major shopping and spend some money tonight,” says Miguel Garcia.

This is Miguel’s second year to be the first in line at Jordan Creek Town Center.

Mall manager Randy Tennison says 20 to 35-thousand people typically shop at the midnight opening.

"We have a few more area retailers opening a little earlier than midnight this year. So, that may impact us a little bit, but I think overall, we're going to have a great day,” says Tennison.

A day that started before a day dedicated to giving thanks was over.

"I have mixed feelings about it. It's great to be with family, but in the times the way things are now. It's really good to save some money,” says Jodi Bender.

Jordan Creek Town Center is open until 10:00 Friday night.