STUTTERIN’ JIMMY: Band Overcoming Obstacles

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For a band it's all about the sound.

Finding the right note, the right lyrics and the right combination to make a song stand out.

For a metro group of band mates bringing all their talents together was the easy part.

“We've all known each other for many years,” says drummer Dirk William Newton of Des Moines.

The group has been playing together for about a year, writing original music that the crowd can't get enough of.

“It's really never been too much of a struggle to write, can't say we've had to work hard in that regard, it kind of flows,” says guitarist Dustin Ennis of Des Moines.

But for lead singer Jimmy Enos, the thing he loves to do the most, is the one thing that helped pull him out of a dark place.

“This is his life, this is what he does, this is what saved him, music is a salvation for him, it's nice to  be part of something that cool,” says Newton.

For Jimmy singing comes naturally, but talking is a constant struggle.

“Being on stage, I have to stop and say a prayer before I would do it because so much fear, but what a relief sometimes,” says Enos who has a stutter.

Jimmy found singing became an outlet.

“It was just a lot of fear, it's like okay all of a sudden I can speak fluent and it's a cool thing,” says Enos.

But things haven't always been so in tune.

“I remember smoking crack in basements and now I’m practicing in one,” says Enos.

Jimmy was 11 when he started using.

“I spent a lot of years numbing out those senses with drugs and alcohol,” says Enos.

It wasn't until he vowed to kick the drugs and alcohol that the haze started to lift.

“I was three days sober off of meth and it's crazy, I felt a surge of energy come over and all of a sudden I wrote this song, Hymn of the Re-Birth",” says Enos.

Singing saved his life.

“I put it all out there finally and was honest with myself ya know because I really needed to be,” says Enos.

And so "Stutterin' Jimmy and the Goosebumps" was born.

“It's great to see someone making something positive out of a bad situation,” says Ennis.

And the once timid musician took the reins as a confident leader.

“I know how challenging it is to be up on stage, how absolutely frightening it is, and it's probably twenty times as frightening for him to be up on stage just the amount of vibrato it takes to carry that off, it's an amazing thing,” says Newton.

In a world where music is everything and hitting the right note is key, this band is  overcoming more than just stage fright.

“Man that's a great feeling, ya know, us building something out of nothing, or just out of an idea and all of a sudden people see it as a work of art,” says Enos.

“Stutterin' Jimmy and the Goosebumps" has already put out one album.

The band is currently revising a couple songs and plans to record their second album by next spring.

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