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FONG’S FLOODED: Closed For Clean-Up

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On a typical Sunday afternoon, Fong's Pizza would be buzzing with customers enjoying a brew and a slice of pizza with perhaps the most unique toppings you'll find in the metro.

"Our crab Rangoon pizza is something that totally got away from is and is amazing to us," said co-owner Dennis Epps.

Those products weren't served to customers this weekend.

Instead, they were destroyed Tuesday after a water main break completely flooded the restaurant's basement.

Co-owner Dennis Epps' says there was more than six feet of water.

"The water was all the way up to the rafters and all the way up to the top step," Epps told Channel 13 News.

In the basement were computers, freezers, and thousands of dollars in beer and food.

The loss of product, however, won’t cost the restaurant as much the loss in sales.

Winter break is when Fong's sells the most merchandise and brings in customers away for school.

"It's going to be several hundred thousand dollars for two months."

Epps' says his greatest concern is getting his employees back to work.

If all goes to plan, he hopes to have the restaurant re-opened by February 1st.

For those loyal customers, he pledges that the restaurant will be better than ever.

"We just want everyone to know that we're not going away and we're not giving up. It's going to be awesome. The “Fongolians” are still going to have a place to go," said Epps.