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POWERBALL POTENTIAL: Spending Millions In Iowa

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An estimated jackpot of $500 million would come to about $327 million after taxes. With that kind of dough, you could really get some things done.

You could buy a season ticket to every seat in Kinnick Stadium…for the next 12 years.

You could make copies of the Iowa State jumbotron, and hand them out to 65 different high schools around the state.

You could pay Paul Rhoads’ salary for the next 204 years.  But, you could only buy another 91 years of Kirk Ferentz.

Around town, there’s a lot you could buy...

You could take everyone in Iowa to the State Fair.  They could each bring a child and have a corn dog, every day for a week.

You could go skating—and take the entire population of Des Moines with you—for 272 straight days.

You could cash out and have some fun with all those one-dollar bills.  Line ‘em end to end and you could circle the Earth and have $67 million left over.  You could ask for hundreds and stack ‘em.  $327 million would reach a height of almost 1,200 feet! (That’s almost two Principal Buildings!)

It wouldn’t be easy, but you could make the amount of money seem small. 

You could only cover 5% of Iowa’s state budget.

And $327 million is just 1/49500th of the national debt!  But who’s counting?

The new DART hub was $21 million.  You could build 15 more of them. And wouldn’t that be a sexy purchase?

You could double the size of the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden and then make four more of them.

The Center Street bridge cost $12.5 million. After taxes, you could build 26 more of them.

You could feed every creature at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa for the next 5,000 years!

Or you could treat yourself and 654,000 central Iowans to a $500 shopping spree.

Let’s put it this way: you could have a very Merry Christmas.