PROBATION REVOKED: Prison For Singleton

A former Des Moines police officer in trouble with the law is headed to prison.

Brandon Singleton appeared in court Tuesday after admitting he violated his probation.

His family asked the judge to give him another chance.

"I'm telling you he doesn't make clear decisions with his anxiety and his depression.  When the anxiety and depression gets the best of him, he does what he thinks he has to do,” says his father Rick Singleton.

He says his son suffers from mental illness and substance abuse.

Singleton was living with his parents when he cut his GPS device off and hid from authorities earlier this month.

But the judge says Singleton has shown no desire to be treated or helped.

Tuesday, he imposed Singleton's original sentence of 16 years in prison on drug and weapon charges.  

“His sole responsibility was to obey those terms and conditions to help himself and to make him a productive member of society. It appears the only safe place for the defendant from himself and for society that he be incarcerated,” says Judge Scott Rosenberg.

Singleton will be sent to Oakdale for an evaluation to determine where he will serve his sentence.

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