RIBBON CUTTING: Roundabouts Ready To Go

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Johnston City leaders cut the ribbon on the highly anticipated roundabouts on 62nd Avenue  Monday. After months of construction the 4 roundabouts are up and running.

Johnston only has 2 arterial roads that run east to west, as the city continues to grow so does traffic on those two roads. So when engineers were considering options to improve 62nd Avenue, the roundabouts were their best choice to avoid stoplights and keep traffic moving.

The completed project also includes a new bike trail that goes under the road making the area safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Director of the Iowa Department Of Transportation Paul Trombino III said,  “Roundabouts move traffic better than any traffic signals you can imagine. The movement on this road is just tremendous, its safe for kids, its safe for pedestrians, and its safe for traffic, and that’s a great thing.”

Both Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds were on hand for the celebration.  The pair helped cut the ribbon on the roundabouts.

Urbandale and Altoona are two other metro suburbs that recently added the traffic structures to their roads. Johnston is also considering adding more roundabouts in other locations.