SNOWFALL: Sleepy Hollow Making Snow

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It’s beginning to look like a winter wonderland outside, at least for one metro business.

The snow was falling overnight at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

Snow machines at the park were running all through the night trying to get a one foot base so skiers can hit the slopes.

Sleepy Hollow owner Rick Flatt says they need about 72 hours of snow making time before they can open for the season.  Flatt says so far, they’ve had about 24 hours.

As for any concern about warmer weather, Flatt says it shouldn’t be a problem.

“This time of year we don’t really lose much snow.  Because the sun angle isn’t as warm.  If it was February and we had a warm-up this would be a whole different ball game. So even though we’ll see temps this week or possibly next week in the 50’s, we won’t lose very much of this snow.”

Once Sleepy Hollow opens for the season, you’ll be able to tube, ski, snowboard and zipfi at the park.