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TREE TROUBLE: Drought Means Less Christmas Trees

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If you’re looking for a fresh Christmas tree this holiday season, you might have to settle for a Charlie Brown look-a-like, full-fresh trees might be tougher than usual to find.

This year’s drought has taken a huge toll on tree farms.

Bob Moulds with Wapsie Pine Tree Farms says in some areas of his farm he lost almost 100 percent of his crop and in other areas he was able to keep about half of them alive.

Those that did survive, look good, and will make great holiday decorations according to Moulds. “The trees we have for sale this year are good. The drought didn’t really hurt them too much. We lost a few big ones, but their root systems probably weren’t very good anyhow. “

This year won’t be the most troublesome, Moulds says the real damage will be felt in five to seven years when the seedlings that failed this year should have grown to size and be ready for sale.

To compensate, he says he’ll plant extra seedlings next year.