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DROP CEILING: Business Captures Mishap

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There are just a few places in Des Moines where artists like Mary McAdams can create, and the Sonic Factory Studio is one.

“I play music, I write my own stuff, and this is where I record, this is my home away from home.”

Like many old buildings in the Drake neighborhood, there had been a leaky roof…

“We had ceiling tiles in here and you could tell there was water damage on them so there was some stuff leaking," says co-owner, Tony Bohnenkamp.

And in the studio below, space was getting tight.

“Mic stands and guitars and amplifiers and we’ve got 3-4 different drum kits in here at any given time,” he said.

So the idea was to build some stairs and move the extra stuff to the attic…but when the Sonic Factory cut a hole in the soggy all came crashing down.

That gives new meaning to the term “drop ceiling.”

“Yeah, it dropped, alright," said Bohnenkamp. "Right on top of Jon (Locker, co-owner).”

Jon and everyone else were okay, so it’s okay to laugh.

What isn’t so funny is the thousands of dollars it will cost to replace the ceiling…but donations have been coming in.

So very soon, the tunes will be flowing again and the Sonic Factory will be able to look back and laugh…

…at the day the sky fell.