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JACKPOT WINNERS: Bondurant Couple Talks

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The winners of the last big Powerball drawing are central Iowans and they did their first national interview Wednesday morning on The Today Show.

Brian and Mary Lohse of Bondurant won the $202 million Powerball jackpot two months ago. After taxes, that amount turned out to be $90 million.

The Lohse’s say they put together a team before claiming the jackpot. It included financial advisers, an accountant and two attorneys.

Although they did splurge on a couple of new cars right away, they say their attorney gave them advice on the instant temptation of spending all of their winnings at once.  

“He kept saying grow into the money, don’t go out and get everything now, you’re gonna have time for all of that, just grow into the money,” says Brian Lohse.

Mary says the downside to becoming an instant millionaire is that you just can’t help everybody. 

By the way, the Lohse’s did buy a ticket for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing.