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MORNING BUZZ: Fever, Don’t get cocky and A Recap

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Good Morning!

Sorry I haven’t blogged since the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had a good one.  18 people at our table…or tables as was the case in our living room.  We put our tree up as usual in the wake of Thanksgiving.  Putting all those lights on the tree helps me burn off some of the cherry pie I consume.  For the record we think we got about 2500 lights on our eight foot tree this year.  It’s one of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving weekend.  I get a lot more than $50 worth of enjoyment out of that tree every year.  


We’ll all see if it’s going to be a VERY Merry Christmas tonight when they draw a record Powerball jackpot.  As of the writing of this blog the jackpot was up to $550 million.  $360.2 million is the take home before taxes if you take the cash option.  

We talked at length about what we’d do and my answer hasn’t changed.  I’d start a foundation.  It would be a job, though you’d be your own boss so you’d only have to work as hard as you wanted, it would help other people out.  You could still keep enough money to make your life more than comfortable….it sounds like a good solution to me.  

I also think about the vacations I’d take…but I think about them for the people I would take along.  A cruise around Greece with my wife just to see her staring out at the water in the water in the Med….a trip with my golf buddies to Scotland to cross the Swilken Bridge together.  Taking a trip to Patagonia with my Father-in-law to trout fish… it would be cool.

Don’t get Cocky 

I was disappointed to hear Iowa’s Sen Tom Harkin dismissing talk of reforming entitlement programs as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations.  Harkin seems to think we can just keep things the way they are.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said he is willing to find savings in Medicare and Medicaid by making them more efficient. But, he said, he won’t support benefit cuts.

“I think the election spoke very strongly about the fact that the vast majority of American people don’t want to cut these programs,” Harkin said.

  That’s like saying you can fix a car engine by making a new key for the ignition.  Anyone who thinks the election said anything except we are, by and large, a divided nation…doesn’t get it.  These two programs are HUGE drivers of the debt.  Harkin and a lot of other people in Washington are hoping the economy improves, and tax revenue goes up.  Bad idea.  It’s that kind of thinking from Republicans and Democrats that have been in Washington too long that got us into this mess.  The election showed that Americans didn’t fully buy either party’s solution to the crisis…when will these guys get it?  When we elect a split in the power…most of us want to see you come up with a compromise.  For the record, Harkin’s comments are as bad as Republicans who say raising taxes is off the table.  EVERYTHING should be on the table.  I think voters will value solutions that fix the problem over adherence to party rhetoric.

Just my thoughts.  As Always feel free to disagree.