MURPHY’S LAW: No Change for Hawks, Lottery bust, Relay Win

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By: John Sears

Kirk Ferentz met the media on Wednesday, nothing happened.  Ferentz talked about the disappointing season and how they’re ready to get back to work, etc.  It was nothing that fans were hoping to hear.  Ferentz said he expects all of his assistants to be back next season, including offensive coordinator Greg Davis.  I sort of expected Kirk to come out and say Davis was stepping down as OC, but then again what was I thinking? 

It’s hard to give any logical reason  why Davis would be ‘re-signed’ to another contract.  I don’t doubt he’s a smart guy, good character, hard worker, etc.  I’m sure everything Ferentz said about Davis is true.  That being said, the Iowa offense was absolutely horrendous this season.  They ranked 114th in scoring, 117th in yards per game.  James Vandenberg went from throwing 25 TD’s to 7.  Don’t tell me Marvin McNutt is worth 18 TD’s.  He was a great WR, but this new system never fit Vandenberg or the Iowa offense.  I have no idea what waits in the wings at QB, but if Vandenberg can’t grasp it, can the others? 

I didn’t win the powerball.  I don’t even know what I would do with $550 million ($250 after taxes).  Actually, yes I do…

Did you know Iowa and ISU wrestle at Carver on Saturday? Me either.  This used to be a GREAT rivalry on the mat, but its gone downhill fast.  Iowa is ranked 3rd and should contend for a national title, the Cyclones are not even ranked in the top 25.  This match will not be close, I’ll predict 27-7 Iowa. 

The Drake Relays adds Hy-Vee as their presenting sponsor and will pony up $500,000 of prize money to professional athletes.  This is a GREAT move by Drake and Hy-Vee.  Runners want big prize $$$, especially if they have to come to Iowa in April.  Drake has just made the relays the single largest monetary purse for a track and field event in the country.  Show Me The Money!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oscar Pistorius (‘blade runner,’ double amputee from South Africa) will run, as will plenty other stars.  They  need 1 more, Bolt.  

Look at this picture———>  How is this even possible?  This guy is nicknamed the ‘Egyptian Popeye.’  31 inch biceps. I have a 33 inch waist.  No words.