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MURPHY’S LAW: Mastodons, Crazy Haircut, #JustDrewIt

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By: John Sears

The Iowa State volleyball team made their 7th straight NCAA tournament appearance Thursday night.  Their first round opponent?  IPFW.  Indiana Purdue-Fort Wayne.  Quick, without looking do you know their mascot?  You’ll never guess.  The Mastodons. 

Did you know there is a rock group named ‘Mastodon?’  Seriously, here’s a picture of their group.  ——->


Here’s a real Mastodon.  Looks like a giant hairy elephant. 


Louisville is headed to a BCS game after beating Rutgers.  The Cardinals aren’t ranked in the Top 25.  Thank goodness the playoff is coming.  As bad as the Big 10 was this year, the Big East stinks. 

Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel is a 1/6 favorite to win the heisman, he’s a freshman.  I’d say he has the award locked up.  Check out this haircut a student in Texas did to his hair.  He was asked to go home and get it cut.  Kind of cool, and creepy. 

Monte Kiffin ‘stepped down’ as USC’s defensive coordinator.  In other words, he saved his son Lane the pressure from having to fire him.  That would have been an awkward conversation. 

Cedar Rapids Kennedy Sophomore Drew Wall passed away on Monday due to cancer.  I did a story on Drew last fall when I worked in Eastern Iowa at KCRG.  Incredible kid, true inspiration.  Drew played golf for Kennedy, and only had 1 leg.  I’ll never forget his attitude in dealing with cancer, always upbeat, and just wanted to be a normal kid.  Cancer sucks. RIP Drew.