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NEW STORE: Rebirth For Old Grocery Store

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The old Top Value Foods closed eight years ago, but now a new owner is taking the reins and promising his store will be a success in the area.

Simon Cotran moved to the U.S. as a Vietnamese refugee in 1987 with the hopes of living the American dream.

“The United States is a beautiful country, and we want to put all the hard work to return back what they have given, how they helped get all the Vietnamese in the country, and I’m a part of that,” says Cotran.

On top of already being a successful business owner, Cotran took on his biggest project yet, the old Top Value Foods Store. He's turning it into an international grocery store, and calling it C Fresh Market.

“I think the property will good to serve all ethnic groups,” says Cotran.

The 23,000 square foot store will carry everything you would find in a grocery store including a bakery, fresh vegetables and fruits, a meat counter and more.  But the store will also carry items from around the world.

While construction crews work to piece together to building, employees are already training on the equipment.

Cotran hopes by the time the store is up and running, c-fresh market will not only provide a new flavor of foods, but will fill a void that the neighborhood has been lacking.

“I want people to come in here and because of the service, they will shop and they will come back,” says Cotran.

Currently, C Fresh Market is taking applications for all positions.

Although, there isn't an exact date for opening yet, Cotran is aiming for early January.

Cotran also has plans to include a jewelry counter, beauty salon and audio-visual area in the market as well.