DRUG DEATHS: Attorneys Stake Claims In Baldi Case


An Iowa doctor charged with ten counts of manslaughter returned to court today. Dr. Daniel Baldi is accused of over-prescribing pain medications that resulted in the deaths of ten of his patients.

Baldi has pled not guilty to the charges.

Today in court his attorney, Guy Cook, argued that prosecutors don’t have enough evidence to move forward with the case, “What the state must do here is show in this trial information, the specific, reckless conduct that was done willfully and consciously with disregard for the consequences that caused these patients’ deaths, and it’s not here.”

Jaki Livingston, asst. Polk county attorney retorted, “He recklessly prescribed medication to patients when it wasn’t warranted, without doing tests, when they were violating the pain contracts. The reasons are contained in detail in the minutes of testimony.”

Both sides will have until December, 6th to file additional documents supporting their argument.

Dr. Baldi is scheduled to stand trial in April. He previously ran the Iowa Health Systems Pain Clinic, which closed in June.

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