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University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is reorganizing its athletic department and reassigning a top athletics official in response to a scandal involving a former academic adviser.

Earlier this month, Dr. Peter Gray resigned from his adviser position at the school amid an investigation into his alleged misconduct. Gray was accused of inappropriately touching student athletes and trading football tickets in exchange for sexual favors.

Despite multiple complaints about Gray’s conduct over a number of years, he was still allowed to work with student athletes.

In response to the scandal, the university announced today it is immediately separating the two halves of its athletics department, athletics compliance and student services, in to separate departments headed by separate directors. Those departments were formerly overseen by longtime Assistant Athletic Director, Fred Mims.

The university says he will be “reassigned” but doesn’t say what his new position will be. In a release from the school, Athletics Director Gary Barta says the changes were long overdue and were sparked by “issues” experienced recently.

He did not mention Dr. Peter Gray’s name.