CLIFF CAROLS: Group Promotes Fiscal Cliff Message

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While leaders in Washington play the blame game over the fiscal cliff, a pro-democratic group in Des Moines is trying to get Iowans on their side.

About twenty supporters from the group Progress Iowa sang fiscal cliff themed Christmas carols in front of the office of two Iowa Republicans Saturday.

The group gathered at Representative Tom Latham’s Ames office in the morning and headed to Senator Chuck Grassley’s Des Moines office in the afternoon.

Their message was that the Bush era tax cuts should end for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans, but not middle class Iowans.

Supporter Matt Sinovic explained, “By doing that, we’ll generate $1 trillion in revenue in the next 10 years.  It will allow us to protect the programs we care about like our schools and social security.”

Since it was Saturday, neither Latham nor Grassley was in his office, so the group made sure to leave the carols via voice mail too.