LEARNING TIME: Initiative To Add More Classroom Time


Students might not like the plan U.S. education officials revealed Monday.

There’s a new test initiative being started that will mean more time with their books.  Five governors are taking part in a new initiative to lengthen learning time for students.

Some schools in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee are adding at least 300 hours of learning time beginning next year.

The three-year pilot program is intended to boost student achievement and make U.S. schools more competitive globally. The program will impact about 20,000 students in 40 schools.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan is a long-time advocate of additional learning time.  

“One of the most important things we can do is give those children who may not be blessed with a house full of books, who might not be blessed with a family members who has gone to college or even graduated from high school, we have to give them the time to learn more. And this initiative is a huge opportunity to do that,” says Duncan.

The initiative will be funded by a mix of federal, state and district funds.

While Iowa is not a part of this project, the state is considering experimenting with longer school days and longer school years.

It’s all part of the education reforms the legislature will consider during the next session.

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