FIRST JOBS: More Young People Unemployed

Finding Jobs

The down economy has taken a toll on the job market, but new numbers show it may be hitting the youngest members of the workforce the hardest.

A lot of older workers, have lost their higher-paying jobs, and appear to be taking over positions teens and young adults typically held.

The latest report from Kids Count found youth unemployment increased by nearly 128 percent, over the last 11 years.

A study from the Casey Foundation found, Iowa is not in as bad a shape as other states.

Iowa has a 43 percent employment rate for young people, significantly higher than the 18 percent of Florida residents of the same age.

Iowa business owner Lori Graham says she has found hiring younger workers can be a smart move. “They start with us as their first job and then they stay with us through college, some of them even into adulthood.”

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