AGRIBUSINESS: Sugarcane Classified Advanced Biofuel

Renewable Fuels Association President and C-E-O Bob Dinneen thinks there's a lot less disparity between the carbon footprints of corn- versus sugarcane-based ethanol than the E-P-A's numbers suggest.
It's been nearly three years since E-P-A finalized the Renewable Fuel Standard, and since then, Dinneen says there have been dozen of new studies and improvements in modeling. Corn ethanol is a lot less carbon intensive today, according to Dinneen, than E-P-A expected it to be in 2022. And he says the research shows emissions associated with Brazilian sugarcane ethanol are worse than E-P-A's estimates.
That's why the R-F-A sent a letter to E-P-A Administrator Lisa Jackson on Friday. Dinneen says updating the R-F-S-Two in light of the new data will keep E-P-A active and relevant in the science of biofuel emissions, instead of falling behind with old data. So far E-P-A has made no response.

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