UNEMPLOYMENT CUTS: End to Emergency Benefits


Emergency unemployment benefits that help around 7,900 Iowans will stop at the end of the month.

The Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program, which has provided people with up to 47 extra weeks of benefits, expires at the end of December. Last time Congress passed an extension of the program it indicated this would be the last extension. 

“At one point in time, we had up to 74 weeks of unemployment.  Those were in what we call tiers, different layers.  As Iowa’s unemployment rate has improved, we’ve lost a couple of those tiers,” says Kerry Koonce with Iowa Workforce Development.

Iowans currently getting the emergency benefits are being individually notified regarding their benefit situation by mail.

People who qualify for benefits will still be eligible for 26 weeks of unemployment benefits in a 52 week period.

Iowa Workforce Development says more than 83,000 people are still unemployed across the state. About 34,000 of those receive unemployment benefits and one in five of those will lose emergency benefits at the end of the month.

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