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COLD WEATHER: Public Works Watching Conditions

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The possibility of slick roads has Des Moines Public Works crews ready.

“We have crews on standby preparing to go out, we're monitoring even now all our hills and intersections,” says Chuck Burrell with Des Moines Public Works.

Burrell says he will have a crew working overnight to monitor any changes in the weather. Early Sunday morning workers put down a salt mix which helped absorb much of the moisture left on the roads. Sunday night, employees will watch for any precipitation that could cause slick roads with the dropping temperatures.

“They'll monitor everything, every hill every intersection in every park of town, we're on a winter alert and we'll always prepared down here at public works,” says Burrell.

Burrell says his crew is prepared to go back out and re-apply a salt mixture again if the weather changes, this will help make tomorrow's morning commute a little safer.