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EARLY START: Flu Hits Iowa

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Flu season is off to a rapid start throughout much of the country.

There are eight states seeing widespread flu activity, the highest level.

Iowa is one of fifteen states seeing the second highest level with regional flu activity.

So far in the state, 378 cases of the flu have been reported compared to ten at this time last year.

Those cases have led to 49 hospitalizations statewide.

While the amount of cases is on the rise, the Iowa Department of Public Health shows that fewer people get immunized as the year goes on.

“The flu actually carries all the way through the spring. The CDC says to get your vaccination through March 31st,” said Marilyn Aldrich, a pharmacist at Dahl’s Foods on Merle Hay Road.

This year’s flu vaccine covers all three strains of the seasonal flu.

It’s available at most health clinics, hospitals, and grocery stores including Dahl’s Foods and Hy-Vee locations.