CLEAN STREETS: Parking When It Snows

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We got a little taste of winter this weekend. And, as we head into the snow season, public works crews want to let you know where to go before a big snow.

New Public Information Officer Chuck Burrell says, "When we go into the residential areas, we'll be plowing curb to curb."

Burrell says crews will use the winged plows in neighborhoods this year. That means drivers will need to follow parking restrictions on residential streets, which in most cases means you'll have to park off the street. Burrell says the winged plows get streets cleaner in just a couple passes, saving 8 to 10 minutes a street.

He says you'll face a $35 ticket if you don’t move your car. But, people in residential areas will get warnings during the first two snow events. He says, “So, I implore the people of Des Moines to make sure cars are off street.”

This is Burrell's first winter as Public Information Officer for Des Moines Public Works. The Deputy Director appointed him after former Director Bill Stowe left to head up Des Moines Water Works. As the new face of the department, Burrell says,"I could never replace Bill Stowe, but I am the spokesperson for the department, so if that's replacing him, I'm doing the best I can."

Burrell has served the Public Works Department for 23 years.