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DEATH PENALTY: Branstad Says It Won’t Pass

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Gov. Terry Branstad says he doesn’t think a call to institute the death penalty in Iowa will go anywhere this legislative session — despite his personal support.

The governor made his comments at his weekly news conference Monday morning.

Last week, Republican state senator Kent Sorenson called for the reinstatement of the death penalty in the wake of the discovery of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins’ bodies.

Sorenson claimed people who would commit crimes like the kidnapping and murder of a child wouldn’t do it in Iowa if the state had the death penalty.

The governor says he favors the death penalty under certain circumstances but understands it won’t pass the Iowa legislature.

“They figure if they kill the victim they improve their chances of getting by with the crime so that is the limited instance when I believe the death penalty could be appropriate.  I also recognize the political realities of the General Assembly and that’s not likely to happen,” said Branstad.

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