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Voters in four metro cities are heading to the polls this week.

Democrat, Desmund Adams and Republican, Charles Schneider, are running for the Senate District 22 seat.

The seat covers Clive, Windsor Heights, Waukee and parts of West Des Moines and rural Dallas County.

The winner of Tuesday’s special election will replace the late Pat Ward whom died of breast cancer in October.

While Adams has spent the last 20 months campaigning, Schneider joined the contest a month ago.

Both candidates say they have what it takes to lead.

“They’re looking for someone that can really step forward and they and believe in, trust in and will do the hard world,” said Adams, “I’ve shown that I will do the hard work.  I’ve shown that level of commitment that Iowans look for.”

Schneider has been on the West Des Moines city council for 5 years, “I’ve balanced the budget with my fellow council members without raising the tax levy.  I’ve had to make hard decisions in tough economic times.”

The special election is this Tuesday.

The polls open at 7 a.m. and close that night at 9 p.m.

On this week’s Political Insiders, Channel 13’s Dave Price interviewed the two contenders.

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