STILL PENDING: Branstad Talks Tuition Freeze

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Governor Terry Branstad is stopping short of embracing a tuition freeze for state school students.

The Board of Regents has endorsed a plan to keep next year’s tuition rate the same as this year’s. The freeze would apply to in-state, undergraduate students only. This is the first endorsement of its kind in three decades.

However, the board said the freeze is only possible if the legislature approves a nearly 3 percent funding increase.

Governor Branstad says he needs to wait for a report on state tax revenue and a few other items before putting together his own budget plan.

“I certainly want to see controlled increases. We had modest increases last year, I want to keep modest increases this year, make higher education affordable; in line with what inflation is for higher education, which is considerably lower than it used to be.”

Last year the legislature increased funding for regents institutions by 4 percent.