MURPHY’S LAW: Lute Honored, Valdosta Rules, Two Toms

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The Naismith Awards names Lute Olson outstanding contributor to men’s college basketball. Can it really be 30 years since Lute left Iowa?

There are few myths sillier than the media, or disgruntled fans, driving Olson away from Iowa. Nonsense.

The commercial where the people do touchdown dances because they received 5-Hour Energy for Christmas might be a tad exaggerated. Then again, our kids are up early.

Rush makes it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There are few songs that start better than Tom Sawyer. Check out the proof here

Doesn’t seem possible, but Tom Brady is underrated. Brady is that good.

I planned to attend the Big 4 Classic Saturday, and then Valdosta State University upset Minnesota State to reach the division 2 national championship football game. Valdosta State is my alma mater, so I have to represent.


VSU’s top receiver is Gerald Ford. I smile every time. Just like when Rodney Dangerfield says Dean Martin in Back To School.

Bonus points worth nothing for anyone who can name Valdosta State’s nickname. Answer at the end.

Watched three recent documentaries on three great NFL running backs: Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, and Earl Campbell. Sanders’ highlights and humility are well-known. The brililant “Bo Knows” campaign turned Jackson into a superhero. The revelation for some, and reminder for others, is the early career Campbell runs. No back ever punished would-be defenders like the Tyler Rose.

The I-Cubs new manager is Marty Pevey. I add this just to remind us all baseball season will be here in a few months.

Stephanie, an Iowa State alum, asked me to pass along her blog on the top ten things for Cyclone fans to do in Memphis. Happy to do it, Stephanie. Click here

Go Blazers! Let’s win that third national championship.