GAS TAX: Pushing For Increase At The Pump


Gasoline is already one of the largest expenses for most Iowans, now some groups are pushing legislators to raise the prices.

The Iowa Chamber Alliance is calling for a 10 to 15 cent hike in the state gas tax.

The Alliance represents businesses in Iowa’s 14 largest metro areas. They say all  the money collected from an increase should be spent solely on road construction projects.

Governor Branstad has said a gas tax increase would be considered as part as a package of tax reforms.

Iowans will have to wait until the next legislative session starts in January to see if and how much prices could increase.

If an increase is voted through, it would the first time the tax has been increased in 24 years.

Missouri is the only surrounding state with a lower rate than Iowa.

Our lower tax is even drawing business across the Mississippi, driving across the bridge saves Illinois drivers up to 40 cents per gallon.  

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