SCHOOL SAFETY: Students Should Continue As Normal


The shootings have left families with questions on how parents should convince their kids that it’s safe to go to school.

One national organization says one way to do that is make your students go to class.

“Parents need to remember that the first thing they should do is to send their children to school,” says Kenneth Trump, Pres. National School Safety & Security Services, “Monday will be the safest day you could ever be in a school in this country because there’s going to be a heightened awareness and heightened security measures. So that’s critical.  We saw waves of children stay home after Columbine, we don’t want to see that now.”

Psychologists say parents need to explain what happened in a way that’s appropriate to the age of your child but be prepared to answer any questions they have. 

Officials will reopen schools in Newtown, Connecticut, Tuesday, but classes will remain suspended for students from the Sandy Hook Elementary School “until further notice,” state police said.

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