SNOW PARKING: Be Aware Of New Rules

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Predictions of a winter storm mean Des Moines’ new snow ordinance will undergo its first test.

The city council approved the policy in the fall which is designed to allow the use of bigger winged plows on Des Moines roads.

Bigger plows mean more efficient snow removal because residential streets can be cleared in two passes instead of three.

The new plows also mean new parking rules.  All cars must be off city streets when a snow ordinance is in effect.

The only exceptions to that rule are five high density areas (Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend and Sherman Hill) marked with signs.  In those areas, drivers can park on the side of road with odd house numbers on odd days of the month, and on the other side of the road on even days.

Since the rules have changed police will only be giving warnings to drivers that don’t comply during the first two storms, beyond that tickets will be $35.

More information snow ordinance alerts are available here.