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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Workout #5 For Team 13

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'Tis the season to put on weight.  So, our trainer, Irene McCormick is ramping up our workouts with HIIT training.  That stands for high intensity interval training. Research shows HIIT training is more effective at improving your fitness level than steady-state cardio exercise.

One form of HIIT training is tabata.  A true tabata consists of 20 second of intense cardio, followed by 10 second of rest.  Repeat the sequence for four minutes.  The "hard, harder, hardest" protocol is another form of HIIT training.  In the workout below, you'll work at a hard level for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest.  Then, worker harder for 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest.  The final segments of the round three exercises should be your hardest work for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Remember, the goal is to work as hard as you can - no holding back.

"Intensity is directly proportional to duration.  The higher the intensity of the work, the shorter the time you’re going to be able to do it," says Irene.  "Which is great, because the number one excuse for people not being able to exercise – they don’t have time."

This workout is hard, but you'll feel better when you're done than if you didn't do it all!

Equipment: Tubing, Tabata, HITT

Warmup - Army Grass Drill, and partner dip & squat

Round #1  - Tubing Exercises

Exercise #1          Lateral Pull Down Sequence with Knee Lift, Squat and Rhomboid Squeeze

Exercise #2          Lateral Walking with Hops 4, 2 and hops right and left

Round #2 - True Tabatas  (8 rounds)

Exercise #1           Brazilian Lunge (also called Bulgarian Squat)

Round #3   -  “HIIT” training using Hard-Harder-Hardest protocol

Exercise #1            Speed Skating

                                    40/20, 30/15, 20/10

Exercise #2             Ski Hops

                                    40/20, 30/15, 20/10

Round #4 - Tubing Exercises                          

Exercise #1            Partner Low Row with Lunges

Exercise #2            Partner Chest Press with Lunges

Flexibility  - Yoga-Based Stretches